Mlflow Registry

class forml.provider.registry.mlflow.Registry(tracking_uri: str | None = None, registry_uri: str | None = None, repoid: str = '', staging: str | Path | None = None)[source]

Bases: Registry

ForML model registry implementation using the MLflow Tracking Server as the artifact storage.

Multiple ForML model registries can be hosted on a single MLflow server in parallel using the virtual repositories distinguished by the repoid parameter.

tracking_uri: str | None = None

Address of local or remote tracking server. See the MLflow docs for more info.

registry_uri: str | None = None

Address of local or remote model registry server. Defaults to the tracking_uri.

repoid: str = ''

Optional virtual repository ID.

staging: str | Path | None = None

File system location reachable from all runner nodes to be used for package staging (defaults to a local temporal directory (invalid for distributed runners)).

The provider can be enabled using the following platform configuration:

 provider = "mlflow"
 tracking_uri = ""
 staging = "/mnt/forml/.stage"


Select the mlflow extras to install ForML together with the MLflow support.